A la carte
35€ – 45€ 
Lunch Menu (Monday to Friday, no bank holidays):
18€ – 23.50€ – 26.50€ (VAT included)
Start Menu at Lunch time, weekends & bank holidays
33 € (VAT included)
Large choice of gluten-free dishes. Options available for vegetarians.


    Empanada Salteña de carne
    The most emblematic empanada or pasty, with beef filling

    Surtido de empanaditas tradicionales
    Four small traditional empanadas. Flavours: beef, ham & cheese, “humita” (maize in white sauce), and cheese & onion.

    Empanaditas de aquí y de allá
    Six small empanadas, mixing traditional Argentine and European flavours.

    The typical way to start an “asado”, enjoying grilled offals

    Chorizo criollo 
    Argentine sausages

    Black pudding

    Riñoncitos de ternera 
    Veal kidneys

    Mollejas de ternera 
    Veal sweatbreads

    Rueda de achuras (Para dos personas)
    Sampling of the different offals (for two people)


    A slice of provolone cheese with marjoram grilled in a clay bowl.

    Provoletas con pimientos del piquillo 
    A slice of provolone cheese with “pimientos del piquillo”.

    Milanesitas de Muzzarella
    Mozzarella coated in breadcrumbs

    Matambre relleno
    A typical Argentine dish, thin beef rolled together with vegetables and egg, served cold.

    Degustación de entradas típicas Argentinas (para dos personas)
    Sampling of typical Argentine starters (for two people)

    Parrillada de verduras 
    Grilled vegetables

    Grilled oyster mushrooms 

    Ensalada a su elección 
    Fresh Salad

    Choose your pasta: Tagliatelle, Raviolone with ricota cheese and spinach, or Panciotti filled with aubergines and scamorza cheese

    Grilled meats
    All beef is imported fresh directly from Argentina
    You may choose one of the following side orders:

    - Fresh salad
    - Vegetables purees 
    - Grilled potato with cheese sauce
    - French fries
    - Grilled seasonal vegetables 

    Bife de Chorizo (350g., 230g. half portion) 
    The classic in Argentine beef, from the best sirloins

    Lomo (280g.,180g half portion) 
    The most tender and less fatty of Argentine cuts, the tenderloin fillet.

    Ojo de Bife (500 g, for two people) 
    The most tasty and juicy rib eyes.

    Picanha (350g ,230g half portion) 
    The cap of rump made famous in Brazil.

    Pollo deshuesado 
    Boneless chicken, grilled the Argentine way.

    Mar y Tierra 
    Rumpsteak pavé with grilled prawns.

    Brochette de Lomo (180g) 
    Tenderloin skewer

    Brochette Mixto 
    Tenderloin and chicken skewer.

    Medallón con salsa de colmenillas 
    Half portion of tenderloin fillet with flambée morel sauce.

    Medallón Rossini 
    Half portion of tenderloin fillet with duck foie and Malbec wine sauce.

    Medallón con salsa a la pimienta verde 
    Half portion of tenderloin fillet with green pepper sauce.

    Medallón con salsa de échalotes 
    Half portion of tenderloin fillet with échalotes sauce.
    Small ” dulce de leche” (toffee) pastries with its quenelle of ice cream.

    Bavaroise de limón
    Light lemon mousse.

    Tarta Tatin
    Warm apple tart with a quenelle of vanilla ice cream.

    Tartaleta del bosque
    Tartlet filled with raspberry and vanilla cream caramelised.

    An Italian and Argentine classic.

    Peccato di Cardinale
    Creamy cake of chocolate truffle, custard, coffee cream and crispy biscuit.

    Panqueque de Dulce de Leche
    “Dulce de leche” stuffed pancake, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Trío de chocolates
    Three layers of black, mocha and white chocolate mousses.

    Marquise de chocolate negro 
    Black chocolate Marquise.

    Ensalada de frutas frescas
    Seasonal fresh fruit salad served with vanilla ice cream.

    Panqueque de manzana al rhum
    Apple crepe, flambeed with rhum and served with vanilla ice cream

    Ice creams & Sorbets 

    Café – Té Gourmand
    Coffee Expresso or Patagonia B&W Tea blend, with sweet petit fours.

    To accompany your desserts, a glass of sweet wine.